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 Worship  8 & 10:30 AM

Nursery provided

Light breakfast 9:00 AM

Sunday School 9:15 AM

for all ages



 Prayer Group  7:00-7:30 AM

Bible Study  8:30-9:30 AM

 Dinner  5:30-6:20 PM

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Youth Golf Fundraiser 

Saturday, September 28

lunch 11:00 start 12:00 

Old Still Golf Course


160th Anniversary


Sunday, October 6

One service at 10:00 AM

Bishop Tim Smith preaching

Pastor Kate Crecilius installed


NC Synod YouthQuake

Saturday, October 19

Mt. Pisgah hosting event

10:00 AM - 3:30 PM

3rd-5th graders  


Fall Festival

Saturday, October 26

12:00 to 3:00 PM
































Good Samaritan Food Pantry

Mt. Pisgah Lutheran Church


                                 Mondays    3:00 - 5:00 pm

       Fridays      1:00 - 3:00 pm


*Current needs: bath tissue and miscellaneous vegetables*

June and July 2018


During the month of May, we had two wonderful food drives that greatly enhanced our pantry.  The first was the Bethlehem Elementary School.  The students donated a total of 1225.9 lbs. of food.  Thank you to the parents, students, and to Bethlehem Elementary School.  They put together this food drive in just a few weeks!  We really appreciate them.

The second food drive was the Mail Carrier’s Food Drive.  We received about 1511 lbs. of food from them.  How Great!  Thanks to Barb Beck, Patti & Frank Simmons, Yvonne Fox and Danny Stewart for spending their afternoon waiting on mail carriers.  Apparently, the second carrier did not arrive until after they left.  The Mail Carrier Coordinator brought this food on the following Monday.  Thanks to Patti Simmons for helping me sort and box the items and to Frank Simmons for weighing it all. 

Without this food, our shelves would be bare, and our funds would be diminished.  We thank the Bethlehem Community for all their donations.  Our neighbors would be hungry without it. Our neighbors have also shown their compassion for their neighbors!

Each month, we serve approximately 200 families or about over 600 individuals.  It is a wonderful feeling to help those in need, and I am so blessed to help them in any way I can.  We always need things for them, especially toilet paper and miscellaneous vegetables (Black eyed peas, lima beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, baked beans, black beans, etc.).  The drives gave us lots of green beans and corn.  They are cheaper than the other beans to purchase.  Anything our congregation can contribute is more than welcome.

Sandy Moore

Director, Good Samaritan Food Pantry


December 2017

Thank You Congregation!

The Food Pantry thanks you for all you do! During the summer, you provided health kit items for all, (“Bag-It”). At this time, we are finally running out of toilet tissue, soap, and shampoo. (That is at least 5 months of use) This has been a great help for the pantry because we do not have to spend money on these items. Also thanks go to Dave Harkey for providing health kit items from his company. All this helps us provide items that are not usually provided by other Food Pantries.

This fall, you also provided about 110 “Bag-it” bags for Thanksgiving. We only needed a few more bags
to make up one for each of the 125 turkeys. This helped us give our patrons “fixings” to go along with
their turkeys. I know they all appreciated it. We were blessed to receive 16 more turkeys from a video
store (unnamed) through James Adair. These turkeys, plus those not collected by clients, were distributed by Pastor Mike to various local schools or churches to those in need.

Not only that, someone donated a load of firewood for the clients. It is all gone!

What a great Outreach we are doing in our community!!!

Thank You!!

Sandy Moore
Director, Good Samaritan Food Pantry




October 2017

Thanksgiving Food Pantry Meal Kit

Here is an opportunity to help our Food Pantry get ready for Thanksgiving. Every year our Food Pantry gives out approximately 175 Thanksgiving Dinners.  Beginning October 8th, paper bags will be available with a list of packaged items needed for each Thanksgiving meal. Take a bag – Bag the items on the list – Return the bag to the church by October 29th so turkeys may be ordered and received for kits before Thanksgiving.

Bag It items (cost approx. $15):

Cranberry Sauce
Canned Pumpkin
Canned Sweet Potatoes
Instant Mashed Potatoes
Cornbread Mix
Stuffing Mix
Canned Corn
Canned Green Beans
Can/jar Gravy.

If you prefer not to “Bag It” any packaged food or financial contributions are welcome.

Betty Hollar,

Outreach Chairperson



January 2017

 A Thank You to the Congregation!

The Food Pantry wishes to thank the congregation for their support during the holiday seasons.  As you know, we purchased 125 turkeys to give to our recipients.  YOU, the congregation, supplied 125 “Bag It” bags to go with the turkeys.  This was phenomenal.  It truly reduced the cost, plus let us know how wonderful and generous our Mt. Pisgah family is. Thank you.  Thank you also for your continued donations of both food and money.  This keeps us going.  I also thank all of our volunteers for their service throughout the year.  We could not survive without you.  Especially those who served extra days to cover my illness. I love you all!

The Pantry also applauds Evans Drug for their wonderful donation of $2100 to the Pantry realized from their "PumpkinPatch" this past fall.  The children of Evan's came on a Friday before Christmas to distribute candy canes to reciepients and to learn about the food pantry and the need of Alexander citizens.!  A delight!!

I have also learned that our backup Food Pantry volunteers who help Jim and Mildred Bumbgarner will be soon traveling the world and will not be available to take their place if necessary.  Tony and Margo Elder have been diligent in assisting as well as working in the Pantry on the third Monday of each month.  They are gems!  Mildred’s health is at risk.  She has been a part of the Pantry since 2003, first as an every Friday volunteer and continuing to pick up food donations from Food Lion in Taylorsville.  She is still busy and committed to helping those less fortunate! This is a prized mission of both her and Jim.

We need to find some folks interested in helping.  Mildred picks up every Monday and Friday morning at Food Lion in Taylorsville.  Plus, lately also on Saturdays when they have produce to donate.  She also picks up in the spring and summer months from First Fruits on Mondays.  All this greatly enhances our pantry.

We request others who may be interested in helping and continuing her service.  We can have different “teams” on Mondays or Fridays (and possibly Saturdays).  Please let me know if you are interested and I will arrange for you to “shadow” Mildred and Jim and introduce you to the staff of Food Lion, as they pick up donated goods.  The meat, bakery items and produce donated to the Food Pantry are essential to feeding Alexander County!!

Thank you one and all! 

Sandy Moore,

Good Samaritan Food Pantry Director


September 4th, 2016

Dick Schmidt, Founder of the Food Pantry and long time member of Mt. Pisgah, Passed away on August 

29, 2016 at 91 years old.  His services will be Mt Pisgah on September 24th, at 11:00.  Visitation at 10:00.  In lieu of flowers, the the family prefers donations to the Good Samaritan Food Pantry.  Dick will be missed by many, especially the Food Pantry volunteers he trained and mentored. We know he is with God and richly awarded!



Race for Hunger

On August 16th, sponsored by the Taylorsville Times, Chris Bowman and the Sheriff's Department and Ryan Mayberry of the County Commissioners gathered at Pollard Raceway to compete in a Go-Kart race for hunger.  The Sheriff's Department won!  The Good Samaritan Food Pantry was the beneficiary.  We were awarded $200 of entry fees and collected about 90 pounds of canned goods.  Thank you Alexander County!!  Way to go Sheriff's Department and County Commissioner's office!!!  We love you!  A fun evening!


During July and into August, The congregation wholeheartedly responded to the Bag-It drive.  You have donated approximately 600 pounds of health care items that will greatly enhance our "health kit" bags given to each client.  We really, really appreciate your donations and enthusiasm.  These are all items that they can not purchase with food stamps and are greatly appreciated by them.  Plus, we don't have to buy them!

August 5, 2016.  We learned last night the our founding director, Dick Schmidt was being transfered to Hospice.  Our prayers and concerns are  uplifted for him and his family.  As things have a way of happening, Friday August 5th was our busiest day ever.  We served 54 families, 180 individuals.  This we dedicate to Dick in honor of him and his wife who founded this ministry at Mt. Pisgah and to serve the county of Alexander for 30 years.  Many have been blessed by this ministry and his selfless service!  

Beginning on July 10th, paper bags will again be available for our July Bag It campaign, sponsored by the Outreach Committee. These items comprise our Health Kits.   The Food Pantry sincerely thanks the congregation in advance for their support.  Food Pantry recipients cannot purchase these items with food stamps and they are items we believe they appreciate and are needed.  This causes an expense for the Pantry and all donations are appreciated.  Pick up a paper bag and chose from the list the items you wish to donate and return your bag by August 7th.


  • Bar Soap--Full size
  • Shampoo--Full size
  • Toothpaste--Full size
  • Toilet paper


On May 22nd we honored two outstanding volunteers who have served us faithfully during the years.  Max Smith has left us after serving since 2001, 15 years.  He and his wife are moving out of the area to be closer to their grandchildren.  Max has served unfailingly all these years on the third Monday of each month.  Beside his work with the pantry, he has been involved with Meals on Wheels and countless different endeavors with the Alexander Senior Center.  A truly dedicated volunteer!

Also leaving us is Vicki Boyd, a member of Mt Pisgah. Vicki has been involved in the pantry for at least 18+ years.  She leaves to pursue other commitments that take up her time. She, also, has been a committed volunteer.  Vicki has been involved in many different aspects of Mt. Pisgah and is a model for all of us to emulate. Her tireless efforts have produced a stability to the team on the second Monday each month.  She will be missed.

Please join me in thanking these two volunteers who have made a difference to those less fortunate in Alexander County.



April 7,2016  We have been blessed to receive a wonderful donation from Evans Drugs in the amount of $1800 earned by their annual Pumpkin Drive this last fall.   This is a marvelous "coming together" of the Bethlehem Community to help those less fortunate than ourselves.  Donover Evans is committed to making a difference in our community.

This year the Boy Scouts had their annual food drive on November 21st.  With the help of many hands, including some of the Boy Scouts themselves, we received, sorted and put away 1445 lbs. of food.  We are so appreciative of them and their willingness to help feed those in need.  In addition to Boy Scouts, we had the help

of Ed Stewart, Danny Stewart, Barb Beck, Vicki Boyd, Ellen Perry, Sue Heavener, Margo Mosley and Frank and Patti Simmons.  Ed, Frank and Danny, whose muscles we truly needed to shelve all the boxes of food, are especially grateful for their help.  

We also want to thank Lowes Foods in Bethlehem for their participation in Friends Feeding a Local Family of 480 food bags as of November 21.  That says a lot for our community and Lowes Foods for contributing to the needs of our Alexander citizens.

Every Year the Elementary Schools in Alexander County have a "competition" to see which schools and which classes bring in the most food for their annual food drive.  We are blessed to receive from Bethlehem Elementary and Wittenberg Elementary.  This year they topped their previous years.  We received 6840 pounds of food!!! Sandy will have the honor of hosting a pizza party for the winning class in each school.   We had so much food we had to expand to a classroom.  Your thanks should go to Danny Stewart and Frank Simmons for delivering empty boxes to the schools and for picking it all up and unloading the van.  Special thanks go to Frank and Patti Simmons for consolidating and shelving the food, a huge job.    Thank you to all!