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With All Saints Sunday this Sunday and Reformation last Sunday, I recall that it is said that Martin Luther once said to his dog, “Growl not little one, for in the resurrection you will have a golden tail.” It does not surprise any of us with furry angels to entertain that notion that they too will be in the Church Triumphant. 

I learned from my dog that it is good to remember; to never forget those who touched our lives. 


An old routine revisited

Nightly I turn on the porch light

And go outside…

A necessary routine before

A remembrance ritual now

Reenacting a special time

Taken for granted then

But now a hope that there might appear

In the shadows

A little white dog

Who always before Made his presence known

Back thru the door each night

Alone… accompanied only

By a tear of loss and a smile

Of memories

I never want to forget

So will this ritual soon end?


Maybe not

Maybe it should


For it is a blessed remembrance

Of one who

Without a word

Said so much

Reminding each day

That there is nothing

Absolutely… nothing

That we have in this life

Like each other

Relationships are

All that matter

I picture his golden tail


Affirming that

Well lived truth