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It was George MacDonald who said: "No, there is no escape. There is no heaven with a little hell in it. No plan to retain this or that of the devil in our hearts or our pockets. Out Satan must go, every hair and feather.”


The doors of Hell are indeed

Locked from the inside

For it is a gracious hand which

Tempers might with compassion

In not forcing, entry when Entry

be denied or uninvited

A stronger love does prevail

giving freedom to even choose life ....without Him


Hell is never more than what we are capable of making it

It is not God's one-upmanship of

The worst beyond our imaginings

But rather a reflection of what

Left to ourselves

The worse can be


Hell is...

Us by ourselves

Unleashed, untamed, untethered

By any Other constraint or will


It is the total

Absence of Him.