Mt. Pisgah

Lutheran Church

9379 Hwy 127 North

Hickory, NC  28601

(Bethlehem Community)

Phone:  828-495-8251

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Worship:  8:00 and 10:30

Sunday School:  9:15 am

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 Tuesday, February 14th

Adult Movie Event

La La Land

7:00 movie, arrive 6:30 pm

Carmike Theater

$5.00 pp



Saturday, February 18th

Youth Overnight

& Movie Event

"Priceless" @ church

7:00 pm 


  Wednesday, March 1st

Ash Wednesday Service

Pancake Dinner at 5:15 pm



Saturday, March 11th 

Casting Crowns Concert

@ Charlotte

Bojangles Coliseum

Dinner @Village Inn at 4:00



Wednesday, March 25th

Chosen People Ministry

6:30 pm



Saturday, March 25th

Confirmation Banquet

6:00 pm



Sunday, March 26th

Confirmation Sunday



Wednesday, March 25th

Author, Kathy Izzard 

"The Hundred Story Home"

6:30 pm service



Saturday, April 1st

Addy's Giving Heart

Kid's Fun Day

1:00 pm to 4:00 pm




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Regular Classes

 T/TH for 3-yr olds

M/W/F for 4-yr olds


 Girl Scouts

5-6 year olds

Meeting Mondays

6 - 7:15 pm in

Old choir room


Boy Scout

Troop 275

Meeting Thursdays

6 - 8 pm


Food Pantry Hours

Mondays 3:00 - 5:00 pm

Fridays   1:00 - 3:00 pm



Food Pantry 

On-going Needs


Miscellaneous Vegetables





 Welcome to Mt. Pisgah! 

 Click Here to watch our Mt Pisgah Family get ready to enjoy "La La Land!"


We are a friendly, welcoming group of about 800 (and growing!) people who gather regularly to worship God and to help build God's kingdom on earth.


 A Message from Council President, Margo Mosley


Extending the peace is another way of acknowledging the blessings God has given us. We in turn seek to share those blessings with each other in worship, in fellowship and in service. Sort of a ripple effect!

Our beloved Pastor Mike opens every monthly Pisgazette with a personal message, “A Stone’s Throw.”  The image of a stone cast upon water is telling.  There’s a ripple effect created when we acknowledge God’s many blessings.  That ripple effect is an ongoing experience here through the community Food Pantry, Senior Center, scout groups, AA, youth work camps, retreats, weekly Bible study, Sunday worship and more. 

Come and see!  We look forward to sharing God’s peace with you and we invite you to join us in creating an even greater ripple effect.

Peace be with you!

Margo Mosley


 A Stone's Throw

Written by Pastor Mike Stone for February 2017

Just a reminder to all the guys Valentines day is Saturday February 14th . We are planning to go to the movie "La La Land" that night at 7:00 at Carmike $5.00 and send a picture of all of us there to my niece Emma to show support. It is PG 13 and I hear from a good source it is “a fun movie.”

February is often called the month of LOVE. On Youth Sunday the 19 th Love will be our focus together. As one of our members likes to put it, “we are so blessed with such a loving Church family!” This is truly evidenced in our life and care together in so many ways. I never want to take for granted the compassion we have as a Church family or the joy we share in fellowship. We are truly just passing on what has first been given to us, as the Bible reminds us, “we love because He first loved us” (1 John 4:19).

We have some unique opportunities to grow “in love” in our relationship with family, friends, and God. With a new year 2017 let's all make a renewed commitment to get involved in Bible study, Sunday school and devotions. The Vision team and Council ask for your prayers as we move forward seeking God's will as we consider an Intern/Vicar this August from Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary. We look forward to new outreach possibilities with our new bandstand. April 1 st we have a Spring Festival with horses, games and inflatables and food as a fund raiser for Addie's Giving Heart. We look forward to many other opportunities outside in this new facility. Our partnership with Mt Pisgah AME and Pastor Kim Moss is wide open with potential and also needs your prayer. We plan to launch a special Stewardship campaign which will enable new ministry possibilities as well as keep our extraordinary commitment to outreach, but most of all we do this to honor our Lord in His sacrificial giving for us.

Your prayers and participation are so important as we continue to seek God's guidance for Plan “G” in everything we do.

It was a great joy to have attended our ninth Gatlinburg Youth Conference with some 10,000 plus young people gathered together from over 16 denominations and 23 states. As we made our way down the mountain home with 59 of our own participants, we had both singing and sleeping kids. We were all inspired but exhausted - or as a dear friend used to put it we were, “Too Blessed to be stressed!”

As we move forward as God's people we are grateful for our building renovations which enable us to
consider new ministry possibilities and ways to show that we are “Blessed to be a Blessing.” At Pisgah there is always a feeling that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves and even our
own lives, as the decisions we make today impact and bless many whom we may never even know in
future generations. What a blessing to share in such a legacy of Love.

As Paul wrote in 1Corinthians 2:9

No eye has seen
No ear has heard
No mind has begun to perceive
All that God has in store for those who love Him.

In His cross shaped love +

Pastor Mike
Mark your calendars:

Tuesday February 14 th $5.00 movie La La Land Carmike 7:00
Sunday February 19 th Youth Sunday